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Roku 3 Raises the Bar for Set-Top Streamers

•, By Roberto Baldwin
 Your move, Apple.
In a world where content is king, the Roku 3 has access to more than 750 channels, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and HBO Go. It will play games like Angry Birds in Space, which comes pre-installed. And it ships with a remote control that features a headphone jack that wirelessly streams audio from the box. You can consume all that content without disturbing your friends or family, or block out their inane gabbing with an episode of House of Cards.
While the “shut up I’m watching my stories” feature is nice, the box also ships with a brand new UI that during our demo of an early device was swift and a huge improvement over the current Roku UI. A more powerful processor probably has something to do with that smooth UI.
 Roku wouldn’t comment on future products or channels, but the 3′s faster processor could mean the little streamer finally gets an official YouTube channel soon. According to Roku, a YouTube channel would tax the previous hardware and create a disappointing experience.