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Troops Explain That You Do Not Want To Be On The Ground Facing Defense Cuts

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The following replies to what troops see in their daily lives comes from reservists to West Point cadets via Reddit.

Looney82: So far, nothing here. I'm in TRADOC and we can still get damn near everything we want. Ink is hard to come by for the printer, but we make it happen. We're getting 20 blanks per soldier for our FTX 3, so that kind of sucks. I'm kind of afraid to get back to the line and find out what I'm not going to get when I get there.

Our logistics guy saw it coming and ordered surplus toilet paper...he's developed a plan in which when everyone else runs out, we'll rule the base through an intricate bartering system. 

tromix1:That's genius! We ordered surplus pens, notepads, and excessive amounts of printer paper...We figure a ream of paper is worth a GOV fill up. 

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