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Eight Things Marines Just Aren't Telling The Navy

• Business Insider

See, there's a long-running rumor that Marines will lie about everything to increase their odds of spending time with the comeliest girls on shore leave. With only so many interested females to meet, the Marines ruin the Sailors' chances with unforgivable tales of their Navy buddies goofiness. That's only what I heard, but I know Marines enough to know the truth when I hear it — so along with the headline, the January Reddit photo was just funny.

These are covers of Gannett's Military Times papers sold at U.S. military bases worldwide, and for generations they offered troops an outside look at the service. But even in this closed-off environment, times have changed. The following are comments threads outlining the shifting face of media, even in the military. The comments run in vein with what people tell, or don't tell, other people.

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