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Starting a Strike movement against the killing of Americans, gun control and phony government

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  Days people simply don't show up to work or schools. Days when we simply say as a people - no work for paper money nothings.

I believe the plan of the elite is too keep picking us off one by one, false arrests here, police murders there, another whistle blower in jail. It's accelerating, and in some countries, secret police murders went on for a long time.

But as long as people keep saying, well, it's not me they did it to, I'm safe now, this will go on a long time. So by not attacking a large group of us at once, but picking us off one by one, they prevent a massive uprising, because decadence wont' pick up arms to protect one or two people at a time; even though the net effect over a period of a decade or two is the same.

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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Brilliant idea!  The tactic of Massive Passive Resistance works better than elections, and is less costly than shooting revolution.  Yes, let's set aside one day a week when we trade purely in barter or precious metals, and don't serve the law.  What we need to do is choose a regular day, go out and organize, and get *lots* of people to join in.  That will definitely make the govt. sit up and take notice.


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