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I've Fired The New York Times

• The Daily Bell
  (I still have the online version, mainly so that I can check in on the latest balderdash by Paul Krugman and leave a comment busting his bubble once in awhile. (Of course, his head is far too big to ever pay attention to readers' comments!)

In time I decided I want to see less and less of The Times in any form, so I subscribed to The New York Observer and The New York Sun. I get both online as well as. They are both more easily read, since they aren't pretending to cover the universe and so readers can keep up with their offerings.

Okay, so what's the problem? Nothing much except that in a recent editorial in The New York Observer one of those critiques of impossible public policies is offered but without the proper moral high ground backing it. This one, titled "It's the Economy, Silly," published in the February 25th issue, goes after Mr. Obama for his insistence that the minimum wage be raised, nationwide.