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Establishing a Community of Like-Minded People, by P.S. in Virginia

 One of the things that keeps coming up is its best to form a group of "Like Minded People". Here is what I have put into motion and my future plans on how I hope to accomplish it. Any feedback is always welcome.

My situation is my age being in my mid-50s and having a disability. It would be wonderful to find some like minded people in their early 20s or 30s who have the strength and ability to do what I am unable to accomplish or have the physical stamina to fend off any opposing evil at the gate. Unfortunately I'm not really going to find those kind of folks with there being such an age difference. People with disabilities can still do many things to help out, we just have to do them differently.

I found what works the best for me in finding like minded people is to stick around my own age group. People who grew up in the mid 50s to mid 70s are a prime target. People who understand what it was like to work hard for a living and realizing that things are not just given to you but you had to earn them

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