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Comment by PureTrust
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That's the trick, isn't it? Determining what has value and what doesn't.

What is the value of fiat currency? Outside of toilet paper, it's only value is the value that is based on demand... or the value that it holds for enslaving the public to the bankers and Government.

What about gold and silver? Outside of their use in industry, their only value is value based on demand, isn't it? I mean, what practical use can you find for gold or silver? Boat anchors?

Bitcoin, on the other hand, has inherent value. Its value is freedom. It's value lies in the fact that it can and is undermining slavery placed on all of us who are required by law to use useless fiat currencies made by Government and the world banking systems. And, along with Internet systems like Tor, it is freeing us from a whole lot of other restraints that Government has placed on us.

FREEDOM. That's value demanded by everyone. And it has REAL value when it can't be overcome by someone else's slavery controls. That's the inherent value of bitcoin.