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Why I Fled My Dehumanizing Corporate Law Firm And Never Looked Back

• Business Insider

Jobs at big firms pay more than $165,000 a year to start, but the hours are notoriously long and the work can be mind-numbing.

One former lawyer says it was utterly demoralizing too.

At the end of our source's brief stint at a major firm, she felt she had no choice but to leave BigLaw completely.

This former lawyer joined the firm after graduating from an Ivy League law school. At first, partners distributed work evenly among her "class" of associates, or young lawyers who have yet to make partner.

But then a pecking order was quickly established.

"I think law firms are very goal-oriented," our source told us. "You are going to become a partner, or you are disposable. If you are disposable, then you have a crappy life."

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