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Phone Service Kills Roaming Charges With Virtual Local Numbers


Phone service VIR2SIM is a bit like Google Voice but instead of one virtual phone number, you can have as many as 20 virtual local phone numbers from throughout Europe, Russia, Canada, Australia and Israel. That’s helpful when you have friends in London who can’t be bothered paying insane prices to call you in the United states. They can call your VIR2SIM London number without incurring stupid long-distance fees.

When you place a call with the app, after dialing the number, the app hangs up on you then calls you back on your regular line. The recipient sees your VIR2SIM local number. So it seems like you’re calling from the same region. If you do travel abroad and change your SIM, you can quickly reroute all of your virtual numbers to your new SIM within the app.

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They lied before,didn`t they?