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Michigan School Confiscates 3rd-Grader’s Cupcakes Decorated With Toy Soldiers

•, Steve Watson

The school allows students to bring cupcakes to class when it is their birthday. However, these tasty treats were immediately labeled “insensitive” by teachers after the boy’s mother placed a soldier on top of each of the 30 cakes.

The toy solider, a favorite of kids for generations, and recently rejuvenated by the Pixar “Toy Story” series of films, is now apparently terroristic, according to the principal at Schall Elementary School, who confiscated the evil figurines.

The head called the boy’s father, Casey Fountain, and told him that his actions were inappropriate considering “recent gun related tragedies”.

Fountain was fuming and decided to take the story to local news station WNEM TV5.

The School is standing by the decision. The principal refused to speak to reporters, but released the following statement:

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Comment by PureTrust
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Remember the old adage, an apple a day keeps the doctor away? How about "A cupcake a day keeps the corrupt school system away."

Comment by PureTrust
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Back in the old days, we sometimes gave the teacher an apple. Remember? Remember putting it on her desk? How about a cupcake? I never liked school all that much, anyway. Some nice teachers simply made it a little more bearable.