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Rand Paul’s Filibuster Divides the Left and Right

•, By Anthony Gregory
 It will go down in the history books as one of the very few great moments in the struggle of freedom vs. power manifesting itself on Capitol Hill.

Brennan was a major architect of Bush’s monstrous extraordinary renditioning program, and is a poster boy for drone warfare and unlimited presidential power. His appointment served as the perfect moment for Paul to unload on the imperial presidency.

Just this week, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a letter to Rand Paul in which he answered in the affirmative Paul’s question as to whether the president, on his say-so alone, can use drones to execute an American citizen on U.S. soil. Holder’s admission that this is the president’s understanding of U.S. policy should frighten us all, not because there is anything more immoral about murdering American citizens than murdering anyone else, but because it demonstrates a cultural devolution whereby one last barrier to infinite executive power has been knocked down.