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Yes, This Exists: An Indiegogo Campaign For A Luxury Airship RV


The U.S. military might have given up on the modern airship, but there's a slim chance crowdfunding could resurrect it.

Very slim.

At indiegogo, Rhy Thornton is trying to secure funding for what he's calling a Luxury Airship RV:

In the 1930s Zeppelins and Airships seemed to be the future of human transportation. There were luxurious floating hotels like the Hindenburg, exploration vessels that successfully visited the north pole, like the Norge, and even the Graf Zeppelin, which flew around the world non-stop with luxurious comfort for it's 40+ crew and passengers.
The materials and manufacturing we have now vastly surpass the technology of the 1930s. With computer navigation and high efficiency solar panels, a new class of floating luxury yachts is ready to be built and used to liberate humanity from the shackles of gravity.