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SWAT: Is America Coming Under Martial Law?

• Jonathan Turley
Many of the articles detail doors suddenly smashed open, flash grenades and gas grenades tossed into the home, people thrown to the floor handcuffed and left for hours in that position, by invading SWAT teams that either had the wrong house, faulty leads and or in some cases enforcing what were clearly civil warrants. 

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Some thoughts on the matter from the Musings of Veteratoris;

'A declaration of martial law is a DECLARATION OF WAR on the American people; and freemen, to remain free, must respond with a severity that will forever cow the tyrant.'

'Martial Law in America is the suspension of the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, and freedom of the people; and in their place the imposition, by force of arms, of a tyrant's pleasure. Those who bow to martial law kneel as slaves to tyranny and will ever suckle their masters for crumbs of peace. Those who resist martial law and walk as free men, though they may die in doing so, light the path of freedom for their children.'

Thugs, by any name or costume or acting under whatever authority, at still thugs and should be - immediately - delt with as such and as severly as needed to permanently stop their criminal behavior. 

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