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US lost almost half a billion dollars due to Daylight Saving Time

 The Carpenter Co. commissioned the group Chmura Economics & Analytics to conduct a study in order to see what the real cost of the annual transition is, aside from just losing 60 minutes of slumber. The results, a report entitled “Estimating the Economic Loss of Daylight Saving Time for US Metropolitan Statistical Areas,” concludes that the total price of pushing the hour hand ahead is roughly $433,982,548.00 for the United States — or around $1.65 per person.

Chmura says they came to their conclusion after going through peer-reviewed academic journals where the aspects of economic losses are shown with solid evidence. The result, they report, is that the annual DST change is linked to an increase in heart attacks, workplace injuries in the mining and construction sectors and “increased cyberloafing that reduces productivity for people who typically work in offices.”