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 I oppose all governments since they violate the libertarian non aggression principle (NAP). But how does the Iranian government compare with other such illicit entities, when viewed through the eyeglasses of the NAP. Not too badly. No. I take that back. Pretty darned good, I should say, instead. At least in the modern era (I am no ancient historian), this country has followed a foreign policy very congruent with libertarianism. They have not been invading other nations that have not attacked them first, unlike the U.S. (The Iraq-Iran war was a defensive one of the part of the latter; the former attacked them first, and they merely fought back; rather successfully, as it happens.) Iran does not have military based on foreign soil, again in sharp contrast to the U.S. which has some 1000 of them located in about 160 different countries. Iran has never incinerated massive numbers of civilians with Atomic weaponry, as has, again, a certain country located south of Canada.

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