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Webcam Abortions: The Newest Innovation from The Abortion Industry

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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"Abortion inducing chemicals" can only work within the first two weeks -- at most -- after impregnation.  Since the treatment consists of nothing more than the doctor asking the woman when she was impregnated, and then handing her a pill, it can be done just as safely by telecommute as in person.

At two weeks or less an embryo -- not even a "fetus" yet -- is emphatically not a human being.  It doesn't yet have a backbone, a heart, or a brain;  it's in the same physical condition as a primitive worm.  Killing it is not murder, and even the Catholic church agreed, back in the 1400s, declaring that the soul didn't enter the forming body until the age of 20 weeks.  I find it amusing that the church didn't change its position until public health grew good enough that early miscarriages became uncommon, and a priest didn't often have to ride inconvenient miles over bad roads to perform Extreme Unction over a smear of blood on a woman's skirts.

And what's this fiction about an "abortion industry"?  Nobody specializes in abortions;  even Planned Parenthood spends most of its time on women's health examinations and cancer testing, and no other medical services even specializes in women.  This sounds suspiciously like some hysteria-whipping by religious woman-slavers, unworthy of a rational Libertarian publication.


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