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Doug Casey: If I Were President


L: Hola Doug; what's on your mind this week?

Doug: Well, it occurs to me that for all the times we've criticized the counterproductive, foolish, or just plain wrong ideas of others and have sometimes offered sounder alternatives, I've never fleshed out a picture of what I would do if I could call the shots.

L: "If I were president"… But you're an anarchist!

Doug: Yes, but that doesn't mean that I don't have any ideas on what should be done, if there were anyone with the strength and courage to do it.L: And a very good bulletproof vest.

Doug: Just so. I'm certainly not interested in taking up residence in the White House – wouldn't want the job if offered. But say some other occupant of that government housing project got hit on the head and woke up honest, industrious, and willing to do what was right come hell or high water.

L: Okay, I'm game. What would she do?

Doug: Are you referencing that Heinlein story in which the crooked president dies and his honest VP takes over – and she's a lady?

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