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Out of Options -- Get a Guard Dog, by T.J.

  We lived paycheck to paycheck in a suburban area. We couldn’t afford to buy property in Idaho, while it’s still a dream. We have slowly stocked up on short term and long term food and water, bought heirloom seeds and learned to garden, loaded up on firewood for two huge fireplaces for cooking and warmth, but that’s about it. Recently our son, honorably discharged from the Armed Services, came home to start his life as a civilian. He owned a 9mm and promptly proceeded to purchase a .22 handgun for ma and pa. The problem was, we couldn’t find any ammo, anywhere. We are a long way from being prepared, but better off than most people we know. We decided to get a guard dog. The difference between a guard dog and a watchdog is the guard dog is trained to protect the family using aggression, while the watchdog will alert the family by barking and making a fuss (with not much to back it up). Our Brittany Spaniel is a good watchdog. She barks at every new sound, when she needs to outside, and when she thinks it’s time to eat. I think she trains us.

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Comment by Ed Price
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What you have here is a drone. It is the kind of a drone that responds to voice commands and hand signals. Yet, it is part robot, as well. While it cannot think as well as you might want a warrior robot to, yet it can think to some extent.

Who is going to develop a drone-like hovercraft that can encapsulate one of these guard dogs that has learned to use the controls, can fly anywhere, is controlled by radio voice commands, and designed to protect us from the air, from roving bands of police and military?

Or will the police and military develop them first?

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