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Colorado approves universal background checks for gun purchases

• Reuters
Colorado lawmakers voted on Friday to mandate universal background checks for all gun buyers in a state that has experienced two of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history.

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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Universal background checks sound like a good idea until you think a bit. 

For one thing, who will decide which "crimes" or "mental illnesses" shall bar a citizen from owning a gun?  Consider that there's already a federal law which bars anyone *accused* -- not convicted -- of "domestic violence" from owning a firearm. 

For another, who will maintain and operate this system?  We've already seen numerous examples of corruption and incompetence in government;  why should we expect this to be any different?

For a third, requiring citizens to be cleared by the govt. before exercising a Constitutional right sets a very bad "prior restraint" precedent.

The closer you look, the less sensible "universal background checks" looks.



Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Colorado is such a backwards state.It`s unbelievable how so many totally different one county is from the other.Their elected leaders are helping to destroy our country,and the walk freely among us.