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Fixing Their Wagon


It gets old merely talking. They – our oppressors – don’t care how much we talk. Perhaps then it is time for us to act. But we must not act precipitously, much less suicidally. A Wagnerian last stand is exactly that. Leaving a smoldering ruin to the accompaniment of Siegfried’s funeral march doesn’t accomplish very much.

So what, then?

Mockery, for openers. Laugh at the state. Better yet, cry.

Probably, you have seen footage from North Korea in the aftermath of the death of the last Dear Leader. The hair-pulling and screaming at the tragedy of it all. Imagine such a demonstration of devotion at the funeral of a costumed enforcer. That is, a cop’s funeral. Crowds of people rending their clothes, falling to the ground, writhing in emotional agony at the though of a “hero” who has died “in the line of duty.” This ought to work equally well at the wakes of our Dear Leaders – politicians and so on. I regret deeply that this idea didn’t occur to me in time for the funeral of Ronald Reagan – whose administration nurtured the “troop” (and flag) worship which, more than any other single thing, characterizes the modern USSA.


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