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Infamous iPad Hacker Makes No Apologies As He Faces Jail Time

• Business Insider

Despite facing as much as 10 years in jail, he is unrepentant, he made clear in a recent, profanity-laced phone interview with Business Insider.

"Just throw me in prison at this point," Auernheimer said.

In 2010, Auernheimer and a compatriot, Daniel Spitler, discovered that visiting an unsecured AT&T Web server and entering a number associated with the customer's wireless account allowed him to obtain that customer's email address.

By altering the number and repeatedly querying the server, Auernheimer and Spitler were able to obtain hundreds of thousands of email addresses, which they then released to Gawker.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Does the door lock on your car keep intruders out? No! All they need to do is break a window to get in. It is the same with the door locks on your house.

If the windows on a house are barred, so that access can't be gained through them, very likely the door can be broken down. Police use rams for this purpose all the time.

We live in a society of trust. The point is, people are on their honor to abide within the desires of the owners of property when when dealing with the owners' property. Why? Because almost every lock can be broken by someone who is untrustworthy. It's about trust. Locks are only there to show the owners' firm decision that you remain out.

The REAL point is, the biggest trust breakers are the people near and at the top of big Government, not some guy who accesses and publishes a bunch of email addresses - email addresses that could have been better protected if AT&T were doing their job right.

See the article at that expresses that homeland security is unwilling to answer a simple question... why HS needs well over a billion bullets. Here is the big Government that we trust (or don't) that won't live up to the expectations of the trust we have in them.

The fear is that HS is intending to use the bullets on on fellow Americans. The fear is that they will use the bullets on YOU and ME. The fear is that they don't answer because they don't have an answer that they are willing to divulge. Because if they divulged the answer, we all just might prepare for their attack.

A question is, why is Congress sitting around and doing nothing when Congress should be taking the funds away from Homeland Security? Do you think that Congress is on their side? This is the Congress trust-breaking.

See about the public trust. And Google "the public trust."

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