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My Experience With the Police

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Four of us decided to get together on Friday night and grab a drink at the bars. The first place we went was packed, over-crowded. Not only could we not get a drink, but we couldn't even move. So we left to find another place. The area we were in has a bunch of bars all on the same street. As we were on our way to the next place, we crossed the street.

All of a sudden, the red and blue flashed right in our face. Two police officers immediately approached us and it hit me that we were in trouble. But what for? All I could think to myself was, what did I do? But I couldn't think of anything. We were sober and crossing the street, no one was acting recklessly, and it wasn't like we were loud or disturbing the peace. What a sad reaction. That even when you haven't done anything, you're already in defense mode. But we got caught! For something!

The officers informed us that the law we broke was jaywalking! Yes, I said it, jaywalking!!!

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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A street full of packed bars, and therefore drunks, and the cops had nothing better to do than pick up a couple of sober people for JAYWALKING?!  Oh, the complainant's lawyer will have a field day with this!  ...He has got one, hasn't he?



Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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These nazi drones are the most dangerous element we have in society today and thet are only there to generate revenue any way possible and the only thing they protect are the corporations and their pay checks. 

When the day comes that man calls evil good and good evil will be the sign

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