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Follow The Cyprus Bailout Vote: Live Webcast From Parliament

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With the Cypriot parliament currently going through the motions and debating the proposed deposit levy tax, it appears that the vote which is due in a few minutes, will not pass as 4 of the 6 parties have declared they are against its passage, and even the ruling DISY party is now set to abstain from the vote, barring some last minute miracle. As such the purpose of the vote, which was purposefully not delayed until tomorrow, is a theatrical slap in the face of the Eurozone, as Cyprus calls Merkel's gambit, demanding equal treatment with all the other bailed out Eurozone members, and rightfully so. What happens next is unclear: the Troika has made it well known the deposit levy is the only option to preserve the stability of the local financial system, and only after the €5.8 billion deposit tax levy confiscation passes, will the ECB step in with emergency liquidity assistance. Should the government vote down the European olive branch, all bets are off. There is no Plan B.

Follow the vote live below courtesy of Sigma live.

If the link above does not work, use this one.

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