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Wheelylift saves space and effort when parking bikes

•, By Antonio Pasolini
 The Netherlands is known for its bicycle-friendly culture as well as the skinny houses found in the capital, Amsterdam – the result of a taxes in the 16th century being based (among other things) on the width of a house. Therefore, we weren't too surprised to find that this space-saving parking device for bicycles harks from the land of tulips, clogs and windmills. Called Wheelylift, it was devised by Dutch designer Jules Sypkens for the spatially-challenged cycling contingent the world over.
The electricity-free, mechanical Wheelylift allows the cyclist to hang a bicycle from the wall, even in very narrow spaces. If your bike is too heavy, worry not. The “automatic rollable moment construction” makes the process effortless. The user lifts the front wheel slightly to place it on the Wheelylift hook while a click indicates the lifting mechanism is ready to go. To push the bike up, the user only needs to guide it from the handlebars and under the saddle. The job is finished once the rear wheel fits in the wheel slot.

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