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Media Totally Blows News About Voyager 1 Leaving The Solar System

• Business Insider

That's not accurate.

The news is based on a study published Wednesday in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

If this were true, it would be major news because it would make Voyager 1 the first man-made object to exit our solar system.

But the truth is Voyager 1 may have just entered a new region of space, not yet known to scientists.

The first major tip was that NASA, who's in charge of this spacecraft, hadn't released any kind of statement. So we reached out to them.

"It is the consensus of the Voyager science team that Voyager 1 has not yet left the solar system or reached interstellar space," Edward Stone, Voyager project scientist based at the California Institute of Technology, said.

Voyager I and its twin, Voyager 2, were launched thirty-five years ago (Voyager 2 isn't moving as fast).

NASA scientists announced last December that Voyager 1 had entered a new region of space known as the "magnetic highway."

The implication was that this zone was the last region of space before the spacecraft entered interstellar space.

How did they know this?

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