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US ‘Elects’ New Syrian Leader…A Guy From Dallas!

• Prison Planet

So to promote democracy in Syria, the US government has taken it upon itself to choose a new leader for Syria.

And in keeping with the US tradition of supporting the Chalabis of the world, this democratic answer to Syria’s problems lives in Dallas, TX, and was educated in Indiana. He has not set foot in the country he now “rules” in more than thirty years. Also, he is, like the other US puppets to emerge from the phony “Arab Spring” an Islamist from the Muslim Brotherhood.

That is what the US government calls “democratic legitimacy.”

It would be comical if the US was not on the verge of attacking Syria, perhaps on the false Tonkin pretense that the Syrian government recently used a chemical weapon in Aleppo. And irony is always lost on bulllies: we are just ten years out from the last time the neo-cons neo-conned us into a war based on a lie. Oh…but this time it is different, we are told. This one is really for democracy!

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