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Saudi Clerics Order Destruction Of Centuries Old Areas of Mecca

• Jonathan Turley
It appears that, while Saudi Arabia will kill citizens for blasphemy, they do not appear to have much respect for Islamic history or preservation.  Photos snuck out of Mecca show wholesale destruction of ancient sections of holy sites as part of an expansion project

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Comment by TL Winslow
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I wish the Muslims would do more extensive demolition work, as in nuking Mecca and proving that Allah is a fake god and their prophet Muhammad a fraud forever :) Maybe another country could do it for them :)

Muslims aren't the only group who have terrorists who might get their hands on nukes. At least this time it might only take one nuke to declaw Islam forever, even if they set off several in the non-Muslim world first. Not that I'm advocating that Christian, Jewish or other non-Muslim terrorists nuke Mecca, because the very threat of it might keep the Muslim World from nuking any non-Muslim nation, call it the doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction via Allah Sudden Shock (MADASS) :) Not that I wouldn't be dancing in the streets if I saw the Mecca mushroom cloud on TV :) I'd only hope it was an H-bomb, not a puny A-bomb :)

Will the entire 21st cent. be all about how Islam was finally exterminated as a global political threat, with the minimum damage done to all, or about their horrible oceans of blood victory and the advent of a new Dark Ages, with NFL football games replaced by 5x a day prayers and daily/weekly beheadings for blasphemy and apostasy by the Fascist Sharia Police? Remember, to them our Dark Ages was their Muslim Golden Age. Tune into the all-new Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse Marathon tonight at 8.