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Can we possibly distill a common framework by analyzing the teachings of Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed,Rumi and so many others and resynthesize the findings into a workable hypothesis? A hypothesis so comprehensive that when applied to all of the world’s major religions, it can be mapped across them universally while at the same time encompassing everything from remote viewing and reincarnation to Near-Death experiences (NDEs) and Out of Body experiences.

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Comment by Ed Price
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While a framework connecting most or all of the great religious books and religions in the world might be based on the idea of good and evil, there is another, greater thing to look at.

If you study the history of the making of the Bible, you will find that the odds against the Bible coming into existence the way it has, are so great that it is virtually impossible that the Bible can exist. But we have it.

When you research the numbers of ancient and old copies of the Bible, you will find that there are multitudes more - often many times more - old copies and fragments than there are of any other religious writing.

The Bible is the only one that has a Jesus figure who took the punishment for the mistakes of all the people that would ever exist in the whole world.

The Bible is full of science. For example, before archaeologists found the city of ancient Jericho, they thought that the walls of a city collapsing - like Jericho's did - as described in the Book of Joshua in the Bible, was an impossibility. Ancient Jericho has been found. Its walls have collapsed just like the Bible says. The scientists hadn't thought the thing through thoroughly.

The point is, while you are looking for a framework that connects all the religions of the world, at the same time look for the framework that shows the differences between all the religions of the world. A religion based solely on the Bible has far greater differences from all the other religions than it has similarities to them. And it has far greater differences from the others, than all the others differ from each other, as well.

Comment by TL Winslow
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Comment by TL Winslow
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