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Gun-Control Laws = 60% More Gun Murders

 The evidence is just the opposite. The states with the toughest gun-control laws have 60% more gun murders than the states with the least restrictive gun laws.

And that evidence, ironically, comes from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence – one of the nation’s leading advocates of tougher gun laws.

I consulted Wikipedia to find how states rank in terms of murders per 100,000 population. I found that information in a chart that also provided gun murders per 100,000 population, plus Brady Campaign scores for each state’s gun laws. A score of 100 would be the most restrictive gun law possible, and a score of 0 would be the least restrictive.

Intrigued, I decided to see how the states with the toughest gun laws compared to the states with the least restrictive gun laws. Following the "logic" of gun-control advocates, including the Brady Campaign itself, tougher gun laws should result in fewer gun deaths. Just the opposite was the case.

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