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Blocking new jobs, blocking the recovery

 One prime suspect is ObamaCare, with its mandate that employers with 50 full-time employees or more must offer health insurance — not just some high-deductible coverage for catastrophes, but a costly package including every kind of Politically Correct bell and whistle.

Left-leaning college professors with guaranteed government pensions and a belief that the end justifies the means may say it’s a minor problem, but the fact is that small companies with any number of employees between 25 and 100 — that’s a lot of employers — are eyeing the 50-worker ObamaCare mandate and making their desperate survival plans accordingly.

How do you think a Reno resident would fare today if he or she applied for a job at a local Jimmy John’s sandwich shop?

 The chain was growing in 2011. Then Timothy Wulf, a retired economics professor who owns JJ of Reno, operator of the shops in Northern Nevada, realized his staff of more than 100 put him right in the sights of the ObamaCare mandate.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Back in the days before plumbing and electricity, people had to work for a living in any way that they could find. And I mean work! Not play employment games. Many people died from various forms of what I will call exposure.

When people can no longer afford electricity so that the big generators are shut down, when the pipes corrode and decay and nobody can afford new ones, then we will go back to carrying buckets of water and using candles for light.

The point is, the knowledge of how to make electricity and how to make new pipes probably won't be lost. But what good is the knowledge when Government regulation and taxation keeps people from using the knowledge?

Government understands the bind that they have pushed people into. And Gov realizes that the people will wake up if they haven't already. Hence, DHS buying of something like 1.3 bill rounds of hollow point bullets. They need their protection - FROM US!

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