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And after windmills, we can bring back the nuclear-powered strategic bomber

 Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced Wednesday the project will be built on almost 19,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management land about 60 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

The project will occasionally generate enough electricity to power about 70,000 homes, according to the Interior Department.

It’s expected to create about 275 jobs during construction, and 15 jobs for operations — and to generate about $18.6 million in property and sales taxes for local government, the agency said.

 Any local construction project is welcome in the face of Southern Nevada’s ongoing economic doldrums, of course. And wind energy projects are essentially “two-fers” — if it takes 275 workers to build this thing, it will presumably take almost that many workers to tear it down, after a combination of post-subsidy economic reality and environmental lawsuits over bird and bat slaughter lead to the whole thing being idled, as has already happened to thousands of windmills in Hawaii and California.