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Patriot Act - Free Speech Criminalized!

Patriot Act - Free Speech Criminalized!:
Most of you know I was the Chief U.S. Asset covering the Iraqi Embassy at the United Nations for 7 years before the War. You know I was subsequently arrested on the Patriot Act, locked up on Carswell Air Force Base, and threatened with forcible drugging to silence me, when the Bush cabal decided to blame Pre-War Intelligence for their catastrophic decision to go to War.

On the 10 year anniversary of the start of the War, it's worth examining the comprehensive peace option hammered out in the two year run up to the invasion. I was traveling in Minnesota this week for speaking engagements. In a television interview, I discussed the peace option at length.

I hope it will persuade the world to give diplomacy a chance to forestall confrontation with Iran in the months ahead. It's never so hopeless as you might think. 

~By Susan Lindauer

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Comment by Ed Price
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People in Government criminalize themselves themselves more and more by attempting to unlawfully make criminals of people who aren't.

Comment by Ed Price
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Want a laugh? Look at the "Globe" tabloid article here:

Anything is possible. But it is way more likely that these guys are shrewder than snakes, just like they are guiltier than sin.

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