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Freedom to Travel gets its day in court

• Lew Rockwell blog
I was not optimistic that Freedom To Travel would carry the day in a lawsuit against the TSA, but they're scored a legal victory in the preliminaries, so heartiest congrats to them! 

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Comment by Ed Price
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If Marc Stevens, of, isn't part of this, he should be. Why? Because Freedom to Travel is only a hop, skip and a jump away from the right to travel. And the right to travel means travel without any restraints such as licensing and road rules.

What most people don't know is that in legal terminology, a non-licensed person is not a driver when he sits behind the wheel of a private, non-licensed automobile, and guides it down any of the country's rights of way. A person ONLY becomes a driver when he signs the drivers license application, and operates a motor vehicle.

A non-licensed person, in a non-licensed vehicle, simply exercising his right to travel, and not making any special use of the roadway by doing business thereon, cannot be legally termed a driver. But if you try to do it this way, and don't know how to defend yourself in court, you will probably be forced into a States presumption that you were driving even though you weren't.

The TSA is simply the next step that Government is using - now that Government has foisted unrequired driving laws on us - to take away further freedoms, and to attempt to make more money off us. The whole TSA thing should be banned, and the whole drivers license thing should be banned for people who are simply traveling, and not making a special use of the roadways like trucking. It's the foundational law.

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