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Will Hypnosis Lead the Revolution in Healthcare?

• arclein
Of quantum mechanics Einstein said, “The more success quantum mechanics has, the sillier it looks.” The mysterious force Planck referred to is consciousness. But it really doesn’t seem all that silly anymore. The current generation of people living on this planet has grown up with “silly” and “invisible” being perfectly normal. Radio waves, TV signal,

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Comment by Ed Price
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That's great, TLW, the part about "the entire Universe is a computer program... ." I have often felt that space - the elastic semi-solid that we call "nothing" and that people used to call the ether - is the computer hardware, and everything else is the programming - software.

That Chinese joker who lived to be 256 - - died. He didn't want to keep on fighting the imperfection around him.

People have a long way to go to do it themselves... an extremely long way. And it may not even be possible for them... alone, that is. Why not let God help? After all, He didn't create this thing just so it would be destroyed. He wants to help. Why not let Him?

Stop fighting God. Rather, extend a spiritual "conscious" request to Him. If you are sincere, He will answer (He might answer even if you aren't sincere). But don't fight Him on it.

Comment by TL Winslow
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Einstein blew it with Quantum Mechanics when he said that God doesn't roll dice with the Universe. He should have realized that QM shows that God doesn't have to roll dice with the Universe to turn what looks like random chaos into deterministic laws at our scale of existence. He just makes it happen, while all we can do is watch it happen or wonder what happened.  Ditto with the super-large scale of Relativity. Speaking of mind, the answer to me is that the entire Universe is a computer program in God's mind, and we're just sprites in his big video game.