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Razer Edge Review: A Beautiful, Portable Gaming Gadget That You Won't Take On The Go


The market's ready for something that is not a gaming PC but can act like a gaming PC. The idea of a Steam Box, a small gadget that can play PC games on your TV through the game-downloading service Steam, has been tossed around, but nothing's come of it just yet. Why not? We have the technology to downsize a PC, right?

Enter the Razer Edge. It's a 10.1-inch-display Windows 8 tablet with the power to play pretty much whatever PC game you'd want.You can hook it up through your TV, attach a controller-like accessory to the sides to play it on your lap, or sit it up on a stand in front of you. No matter what, it works great! Before you drop the nearly $1,500 or $1,000 for one of the versions of it, though, you just have to decide exactly how you're planning on using it. 

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