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Wrong: An Absurdist Movie Where Absolutely Nothing Is Right

 While his previous film, Rubber, revolved around the homicidal actions of a psychotic tire, his latest effort takes weirdness to a whole new level.

In fact, you might as well check any semblance of reality at the door when viewing Wrong, which is available on demand and was released theatrically Friday. It’s a delightfully deranged bit of cinema filled with oddball characters, bizarre occurrences and strangely engaging philosophical discussions about the meaning of pizza parlor logos. In Dupieux’s world, even clocks can’t be trusted. (See the Wrong motion poster above, exclusively premiered by Wired, for a taste of Dupieux’s high strangeness.)

The director crafts a sense of surrealism from the film’s opening frames as he turns mundane suburban settings into tableaus for a series of peculiar incidents.