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Could the Banksters Grab Your Bank Deposits?

• Jonathan Turley
I couldn’t believe that the plan in Cyprus hinged on the idea that the bank could just steal customer’s funds to balance the bank’s books.  I muttered to myself when I read the story that something as crazy as that couldn’t possible happen here in the United States.  Unfortunately, I learned that the plan to pull a Cyprus type grab here was already in the works.  

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Comment by Ed Price
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Almost everything the banking system tells you is propaganda.

Bitcoin is a good and reasonable alternative.

Charles Goyette, in his video at, suggests that gold is the best proven form of money. I would agree.

CG also suggests that barter is something that is unreasonable. And I would generally agree. But here is where I disagree.

Using Bitcoin-style of blockchain recording of all transactions, along with some of the eBay and Craigslist ideas, and adding to this a format like the one found at but with trades listed rather than prices, trading WITHOUT money could be made viable, and even easy.

Anybody out the have the ambition to do this? Virtually all the work is done already. It would be, simply, the combining and adapting of what is out there already.