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What Would We Do Without the State?

• Lew Rockwell blog

Skeptics of liberty wonder how a libertarian society would deal with various human problems. We can speculate, but do not always know. Do we need to know? In view of the dismal, bloody record of government, does it really matter?

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Comment by Ed Price
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The real question is, what is the State? Before the United States was what it is today, it was what it was yesterday.

One hundred years ago the United States was much different. You can look in the history books to see what those differences are. Two hundred years ago, the U.S. was far more different than 100 years ago. Was there a State in the lands of America before there was the United States? Was there a State in America before its discovery by Columbus in 1492?

The State in the lands that we now call the 48 contiguous United States of America, before the time of Columbus, was made up of many States... States of American Indian tribes and families simply living their lives and doing what all the States do.

The point has to do with this. If you pack up a few odds and ends of living essentials, and head off to some remote part of the world where virtually nobody else lives, and where nobody else cares what you do, or even knows that you are there, who is the State where you then live? Aren't you your own State, naturally?

If you take your family along, who is the State then? Probably the husband would be the head of State, with the wife the second in command.

The point is, wherever people live, the State ALWAYS exists there, at least in a limited form. It can be NO OTHER WAY, by the laws of nature.

The question is NOT really, "What would we do without the State?" The question might be, "What kind of State should we have?" Or it might be, "What kind of new State are we making for ourselves?" Or, "What State are we leaving simply by denying their existence any longer?" There might be any number of questions that could be asked along the line of, "What would we do without the State?"

This video is as highly deceptive as any Government might be. Why? It assumes way to much, without suggesting some basic points. As long as one single person remains alive on the earth, the State will always exist.