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‘Obama must be thinking he has better things to do than tend to 166 Arabs stuck in Gitmo’

 RT: Why do you think the White House isn’t getting more involved here, it seems reluctant to put a stop to this?

Thomas Wilner: The White House has said that it is still interested in closing the Guantanamo but it has delegated the issue to other people. It has also thrown up its hands and said Congress is stopping us from doing anything. I think that is wrong. I think the White House has to get directly involved.

RT: It could make noise. How can it get more involved?

TW: Well, let me draw it in perspective. The woman you’ve just talked to who is down at Guantanamo, talking about her client about the White House improving the conditions in Guantanamo but what is really wrong and the real cause of this hunger strike is the absolute desperation and despair of these people. She said that 86 people down there, more than half of the people, 86 of them have been cleared over three years.

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