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TSA denies man his medicine for neurological condition

• Wendy McElroy
TSA denies man medicine he needs for his neurological condition. [Note: hat tip to Lee K. who writes, This TSA encounter video is going viral over the internet. Here is his story Here is his medical condition for which aloe juice helps him, but for which the TSA (or its "representative" subcontractors) won't let him take across the checkpoint.



This is only a portion of my symptoms; I also sometimes get contractures, severe intentional tremor, mutism, etc. Maybe at some point I'll make a compilation video of all of them. Comment if this is something you'd want.

See for the full info, and for the summary info I carry with me in my wallet.

It's a non-Tourette's tic. I don't get vocal tics (other than air forced out by full upper torso spasm) or the like.

Most of the time I'm completely normal (neurologically at least); I only have symptoms during an episode. Those can last anywhere from 15 min to 8 hours and vary pretty widely in severity, from something you wouldn't even notice unless I pointed it out, to severe full body contractures, spasms, mutism, etc.

At the time of this video, I'm taking 0.25mg clonazepam 3/day. It helps significantly. It'll probably go up in dose; I've had negative side effects, so mainly just trying to figure out a good balance point.

This video is licensed CC by-nc-nd.

You're welcome to use it for medical demonstrations, so long as you email me info about your talk and credit the video to me. I can be reached at

I'm a grad student in social neuroscience, so ironically I find my own disorder a bit academically interesting.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The TSA has been around for long enough that you know that you might be subject to some kind of goofy stuff from them. If you aren't ready for their surprises, go a different route.

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