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Where did all the money go? How $700 million in Katrina relief money went missing

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Where did all the money go? “Your guess is as good as mine,” David Montoya, the inspector general of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, says of $700 million in missing taxpayer money that Louisiana homeowners were given in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to elevate and protect their homes from future storms. A new report released from the inspector general’s office shows that more than 24,000 homeowners who received grants of up to $30,000 to elevate their homes either misspent or pocketed the money. “The fact of the matter is that the money they received was for a specific purpose and the specific purpose was to elevate these homes to avoid future catastrophes,” Montoya tells Power Players. He rates the home elevation program as little more than a complete failure. “Considering there was just under $1 billion earmarked for this particular program and there's $700 million that wasn't used for that, I’d give it a very low D,” he says.

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Comment by Ed Price
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It's things like these that are solidifying the demise of the world money systems. And it is things like Bitcoin that are coming into existence to take the place of world money. What's interesting is that these things have been predicted in the Revelation in the Bible.

Babylon in the Revelation, whatever else it might be, is the world banking system. Go and look at the descriptions of Babylon in Revelations.

Then find the place that talks about the Beast that comes up from the abyss burning Babylon with fire.

See that the dragon (aka, Satan, or the Beast) was thrown into the abyss (death) by a powerful Angel (Jesus at His crucifixion and resurrection), and it was locked and sealed over him.

The tricky part is understanding the reason why the Beast is allowed to come up from the abyss and spread terror for awhile at the end-times. The reason is two-fold. The main reason that he is brought up is so that he can be thrown into the lake of fire at the time of the destruction of this universe, and the appearing of the new heavens and new earth.

The second reason that the Beast is brought up from the abyss, and the reason why he can spread terror among the people, is this. The people are asking for him... if not directly, then simply by exalting humanism and denying God.

WHEN THE BANKS (and governments) OF THE WORLD COLLAPSE AND DIE, you will know that the Beast is back up from the abyss. When this happens, you will know that the end of this world is near. Raise your heads and look up, because your TRUE salvation is near.

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