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NOT AWAKE YET? May be too late! Chemtrail spraying over Tucson 04/04/2013

• Chris Haskell - Real News Tucson
04/04/2013 First thing I see when I wake up this morning is that the insane people in charge of America and the world have been working very hard last night and still this morning making sure that the skies over Tucson Arizona are completely covered over with Geo-Engineering/ Powdered Metals/ Chemtrails! Whatever you want to call's simply that we are Lab Rats being experimented on and dumbed down! It must be working or we would be seeing people stand up for themselves and demand that this spraying end NOW! But are we? If you haven't already seen the documentary film about this.....then watch it while you still can! "What in the world are they spraying?" WAKE-UP! This is aganda 21

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