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Dry canning ground beef

 Freezing meat is probably the most common method, the problems with freezing meats are if you leave it in your freezer for too long, especially if it’s not property packaged, you will find a nasty case of freezer burn when you open the package. There is also the risk of losing what is in your freezer if there is a power outage or your freezer fails. Today we will talk about preserving one of the cheapest meats, ground beef. 
It’s cheap, so why worry about preserving it? Well, as I said before, putting it in your freezer is risky, unless you plan on using it soon… sometimes I’ll buy ground beef and plan on using it within a few days so I don’t freeze it, big mistake, it often smells a bit off after just a few days in the fridge, my local grocery stores aren’t known for having the best meat in the first place.

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