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Sarcastic Headline Doesn’t Fly At Metro Airport

 Airport Spokesman Mike Conway said while the headline “Detroit, the Most Miserable City in America” was meant as an ironic slam against an article in Forbes — but he didn’t get the joke.

“You don’t have to explain the concept of sarcasm to me. I get sarcasm; I understand what sarcasm is; I laugh when I watch Monty Python movies, so I know what irony is and sarcasm is,” said Conway. “This just landed flat.”

Conway said he received a lot of complaints from customers, employees and Airport Ambassadors volunteers about the issue of  The Metropolitan, a local entertainment and culture magazine.
“Their mission [The Ambassadors   is to help customers that are lost or have questions or whatever. But their whole objective is to help the image of Detroit," said Conway. "They see this publication that says Detroit is the most miserable city in American, and, as one of them out it, we have 150 destinations out of this airport around the world. People around the world are connecting here."

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Not that I expect ANY court to abide by well established and known Supreme Court rulings, but it is blatantly illegal, unCONstitutional and downright a shitty thing to yank a publication because it offends the sensibilities of some public oaficial when other "news"papers are "allowed" to be at the same locations.  Blatantly.

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