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Stand with Jonas Carrera: Join Us in Copblocking Northampton Mass.


Twenty-six-year-old Jonas Carrera was outside Tully O’Reilly’s, a bar in Northampton, a college town in western Massachusetts. Using his cellphone, Carrera filmed the actions of Northampton police employees who were at the bar to remove someone for allegedly hitting a bartender in the throat. Carrera wasn’t interfering. He was filming. Yet he was was aggressively approached – at least two wearing “Northampton PD” badged barked explicative-laden threats, then less than five-seconds later, Carrera was maced by Alan Borowski, tackled, handcuffed, caged, and is now threatened with the catch-alls of disorderly and resisting.

Fortunately the incident was captured by a Rachel Rothman, who happens to be a lawyer. Despite that objective evidence, double-standards have been afforded and the thin blue line maintained.

We’re heading to Northampton to do some Copblocking.

Facebook Event: Stand with Jonas Carrera: Join Us in Copblocking Northampton

Northampton, MA
Friday, April 12th

6:00 – 7:00pm - we’ll meet at a TBA Northampton location (does anyone have input on meeting at Chapin Lawn?) to go over a plan of action, know-your-rights info, how to handle potential police interactions, outreach tactics, and will exchange contact info
7:00 – ? – we’ll hit the streets to Copblocking in Northampton


For Carrera the fact that a bystander filmed the incident has brought it to the attention of tens of thousands of others, some who have made calls, and some who I hope will join us on Friday, April 12th in Northampton.

Folks wearing badges can no longer set the reality. Lies on a police report can’t stand up to the disinfecting light of transparency. We saw that in Austin, when video captured by a bystander vindicated Antonio Buehler.

Carrera is slated to have pre-trial on May 16th.

Who will be the first Northampton police employee to vocalize to others what they know internally to be true – that Borowski acted in the wrong when he went after Carrera?

Northampton Police Department northampton-police-department-copblock413-587-1100 29 Center Street, Northampton MA 01060

Join us in Northampton, Friday, April 12th. It will send a message to the Northampton police employees that macing someone for filming won’t be tolerated. Stand with Carrera, we’ll all be safer because of it.

Facebook Event: Stand with Jonas Carrera: Join Us in Copblocking Northampton

If you join us, bring your camera. And be sure it’s charged. Each additional person filming will act as another layer of protection.

From 6-7pm we’ll be getting acquainted, going over scenarios, sharing contact info as needed, and generally just making sure we stay as safe and have as big an impact as possible.

At 7pm we’ll hit the streets of Northampton and will continue to have a presence in town as long as folks have interest. We’ll work to document police interactions we witness and will do outreach to those we pass. Depending on comfort level and the type of camera had, some can hang back and film from afar, while others can be closer.

You can attend one or both of the components based on your interest and time.

If you have a smartphone visit

download a free streaming app (like Bambuser, Qik or UStream). Cop Block will be streaming to download “Police Scanner 5-0″, then click: Directory > United States > Massachusetts > Northampton Police. While walking around a few of us will stay abreast of activities via that scanner feed and an earbud

Some of us present will be communicating via handheld marine band radios. We’ll decide on the channel once we are in Northampton and locate a channel free from other traffic.

Note that we’re going to attempt to connect with Jonas Carrera and Rachel Rothman. It’d be great if they could join. Also, we’ll be doing outreach to some potentially like-minded student organizations at Smith College and through other outlets to get the pending Copblocking on the radar of more people. Updates will be posted here. If you have ideas you think we should pursue please do share them here.

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