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From Grammar School to Battlefield with Richard Maybury

•, With Anthony Wile
 Introduction:  Richard Maybury publishes U.S. & World Early Warning Report and was formerly Global Affairs editor of MONEYWORLD. One of the most respected business and economics analysts in America, his articles have appeared in numerous major publications. His Uncle Eric series of books are extremely popular among both the general public and home schoolers, and include Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?, Whatever Happened to Justice?, Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think of This? and eight other titles. Maybury's writings have been endorsed by top business leaders, and he is a consultant to numerous investment firms in the US and Europe.

Daily Bell: Good to speak with you again. Let's jump right in by reminding readers you see the world in part through what is sometimes called the prism of empire. This refers to the belief that the behavior of governments is best understood as the attempt by unfettered politicians and bureaucrats to dominate others. You believe the decline of the federal government's global empire is the lens through which investors must look at the world – at least partially. How do you define an empire?

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