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Communism Survivor Blasts Salem Gun Grabbers: "You Don't Know What Freedom Is!"

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Comment by Anonymous
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"...the 2nd Amendment, which grants [us to bear arms]..."

The 2nd doesn't "grant" anything! It clearly states "shall not be infringed". Not "allowed to have" or "allowed to own" or "shall grant citizens to own arms, provided they are locked in a vault".

It's clearly an order from the People to the government on what they can and can not legislate, so arguably it should have been said as "...the 2nd, which protects our right to own..." But we all know the Constitution doesn't protect anything :(

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Sounds to me like this  Floyd Prozansky should be arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit treason.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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"None are more enslaved then those who think they are free."

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