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Ron Paul: Hey, Teachers, Leave Those Kids Alone

•, by Sam Rolley

Ron Paul may have left the House of Representatives, but the libertarian icon is far from done working to bring more Americans to the cause of liberty. The former Congressman’s latest audience, however, will not be legislators on Capitol Hill or crowds of voters; rather, Paul is taking small government ideology to the segment of the American population that many a politician has termed “our future.”

At a time when the debate over the amount of government intrusion in schools is continually a hot topic, Paul has launched his own home-school curriculum for students whose parents want to avoid having their children educated to Federal standards.

Not only does the curriculum offered up by the politician-turned-polemicist offer parents the benefit of protecting children from government indoctrination in the schoolhouse, but it also provides an alternative curriculum that promises to provide “education in liberty like no other.” While offering courses of study for K-12 students in the basics, Paul’s program of study also includes some things government-run schools often leave out (mostly to keep the population from being educated enough to understand the folly of allowing government total control over anything). 

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