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From Rosa Koire:
We need your help here in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

The regional plan, called PLAN BAY AREA, although it is nearly identical to every other regional plan in the United States, has some additional elements that we believe will be used as a template for the rest of the country.  See our flyer for details.
This is so serious that we are launching a legal challenge against PLAN BAY AREA, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MTC), and the Council of Government (ABAG).  
PLAN BAY AREA was drafted with the assistance of ICLEI and is our Agenda 21 Sustainable Communities Strategy here in the Bay Area.
Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates and I have hired lawyers to write legal objections to the plan in preparation for a lawsuit.  This will be a major constitutional challenge.  We will need funds to file the suit and to stay in the game.  We'll be up against a Goliath--we are 'David.'  
The Post Sustainability Institute is a 501 c4 non-profit.  Donations are not tax deductible.  All donations will be used for this legal challenge.
For more information please read our flyer and see the map.  Click here for the link to PLAN BAY AREA. 
Thank you,
Rosa Koire, ASA
Executive Director
Post Sustainability Institute

The Post Sustainability Institute / Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 and Freedom Advocates are launching a legal challenge to PLAN BAY AREA/ONE BAY AREA (click for a pdf of the Plan)   PLAN BAY AREA is an aggressive implementation of UN Agenda 21's "islands of human habitation."  We believe that Priority Development Areas are the new wave of implementation of UN Agenda 21 in regional plans.  This prototype, when adopted in the San Francisco Bay Area, could then move across the United States.   We need your help to fight this.  DONATE. 

PLAN BAY AREA is an all-encompassing land use and transportation plan that regionalizes all 9 counties and 101 cities of the San Francisco Bay Area by limiting new construction to specific locations (only 4% of the land area) and requiring high density development: more apartments and condos on top of shops.  If cities want federal and state transportation dollars they will have to agree to this Sustainable Communities Strategies plan. 


PLAN BAY AREA violates both the 5th and 14th amendments to the U.S. Constitution.  The 5th amendment guarantees property owners the right to just compensation, and the 14th amendment guarantees equal protection.

PLAN BAY AREA violates voter-approved urban growth boundary ordinances.  Even though voters all over the Bay Area have voted to determine where their urban growth boundaries should be, PLAN BAY AREA actually nullifies these boundaries by restricting development to very small locations in just some cities. The plan dictates that 80% of future residential and 66% of future commercial development must be built in these Priority Development Areas. If you own property, any property whether it’s a house or an office building, outside of the PLAN BAY AREA 4% Priority Development Area you may not be able to add a granny unit, add on to your building, or develop your lot.  PLAN BAY AREA is valid for 25 years!  Radical building restrictions lasting for over a generation will cripple land value and your ability to start and maintain your business or residential plans.   For a pdf of the MAP please click here--orange areas are Priority Development Areas.

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