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Russian space fan may have found lost Soviet Mars probe in NASA photos

 Though some experts are skeptical, there is a chance that a Russian probe sent to Mars more than 40 years ago has been rediscovered.

While studying photos taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) in 2007, Mars exploration enthusiast Vitaly Egorov managed to spot an object that resembled the long-lost Soviet Mars-3 probe, first sent to the Red Planet in 1971. The MRO has orbited Mars since 2006, and some of the photos it has taken have been published on NASA’s website for public viewing.

Egorov, the creator of a Curiosity rover fan page on Russia’s Vkontakte social network, shared the discovery he made last December with Professor Aleksandr Bazilevsky, who used his contacts at NASA to convince the US take new photos of the area believed to be the probe’s landing site.

Egorov reportedly found the vehicle in the exact location that Soviet scientists had predicted would be its landing site on Mars: 45 degrees South latitude, 158 degrees West longitude.

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